Trip on the herault river

Choose several distances.
All the trails are accessible in a kayak (1 person) or a canoe (2 people).

canoe renting, kayak in the Herault department, falls of th Herault gorges in canoe
Start 7 km Finish

Trail sportsman: 7 km

This trail is a treat for the senses and the emotions. Come with friends and pass through fast-flowing water in the exceptional setting of the gorges of the Hérault and its breathtaking cliffs.
Canoe renting, falls of the herault river in canoe and kayak at laroque near Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert
Start 8 km Finish

Trail family: 8 km

For those who feel like taking a family trip on the water, for young adventurers or for more prudent adults. In a natural setting that is still untamed, which can only be fully appreciated in a canoe. This trail can also be done in a 3-person canoe.
Start 15 km Finish

Big Trail : 15 km

The best way to discover the flora and fauna and the landscape, and to mix sport and relaxation for a few hours or for a whole day. Not forgetting picnic and siesta.